Evaluations are the fastest-growing service within the property valuation industry. Similar to appraisals, evaluation reports determine the value of real estate specifically for use in low-risk banking transactions. Now, as the need for evaluations in our industry has grown exponentially over the last few years, the need for Evaluations Analysts has grown along with it. This role is key to expanding our market share and the opportunity is outstanding!

Skills Required:

  • General working knowledge of Word, Excel, Outlook and online browsing
  • Exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, and written/verbal communication skills
  • Desire to learn new programs or integrations as needed as the company grows
  • Enjoys problem solving and research
  • Ability to analyze data and create written reports to articulate findings
  • Strong commitment to customer service
  • Ability to track progress and complete assignments on time
  • “Outside the box” thinking and technical problem-solving skills

Job Description:

  • Engage with clients to accept evaluation assignments
  • Work with appraisers to collect and analyze market data
  • Research local and regional markets
  • Analyze data to ascertain market value
  • Compose evaluation report reflecting findings

· Full Time (8am – 5pm M-F)

  • Paid PTO and Sick Time
  • Health Insurance
  • High Energy Team Culture